உன் பார்வையே ஒரு காந்தம்.

உன் புன்முறுவலே போதும்

என் இருதய துடிப்பைக் கூட்ட

என்னத்தான் செய்தாயோ


ஆனால் விழுந்தேனே காதலில்.

உன் மீது காதல் கொண்டு விழுந்தேனே!

My language. My life

My language. My life

நமது சொத்து இருக்கையில் 

மாற்றான் சொத்தைச் சொந்தம் கொண்டாடுவது ஏன்? 

தமிழன் என்று சொல்லடா. 

தலை நிமிர்ந்து நில்லடா. 

தமிழன் என்று சொல்லி 

தலை குனிந்து நிற்காதே!

I am proud to say I am a teacher.

I am proud to say I am a teacher.


Whenever I meet someone, one of the first question that would be asked is, “what are you doing?” and I would reply “teacher.”

I know what would come next. “oh, really! It must be great to have long holidays ah?”. I just shake my head, smile and walk away as fast as possible. If I stay even a minute longer, I am afraid I would say something that I would regret. It really irritates me when people say that as soon as they realise I am a teacher.

Many mornings, I take cab to school. When I tell the destination to the taxi driver, the next comment will, “You must be paid well as a teacher right?” Again, I smile and keep quiet. I at times wonder, whether the public thinks teachers are paid in 5 digits.

We have two official parent-teacher meetings per year and many unofficial parent-teacher meetings too. Many parents are appreciative. But some parents would say, “Miss _____, why don’t you do this? Why don’t you do that?” and tell us how to teach in short span of 1 to 1.5 hours each day. Even then, I smile and assure them and try to send them off as fast as possible.

These comments and feedback just goes to show that people do not know what teachers are really doing as a teacher.

A typical day of a teacher starts at 7am. Which means they are awake way before most. They have to rush down to school to prepare before the first period. Gather all the things that are needed and rush to the school hall to take attendance. Discipline the students when needed.

After the morning assembly, we would rush of to the first period. Our hearts would be thumbing hard not knowing what kind of mood the students would be. Would they be angels and listen to what we say or decide that this is a day for playing. But our apprehensiveness would not be seen on our face. We would have the confidence of someone who knows how to keep the class in control. But truthfully, we are nervous wreak.

Regardless of whether we managed to deliver the lesson successfully or not, we go on to the next class. When we finally get our break, we would be gobbling down a sandwich, drinking a cup of long-forgotten coffee and checking emails. All at the same time. And the bell would ring for the next period.

And the pattern would start again till the bell rings for the last period. When we let the students leave for home, we sit down with a sigh of relief. But that relief would not last  long because then would come the meetings, preparing materials for the next day and very importantly marking. The day would stretch till 6pm and we would still have not managed to finish our targeted marking. And we would foolishly think of ourselves as super humans and carry the markings home. But once we reach home, we are so exhausted that lifting a finger would need a great deal of energy.

Many would think that almost everyone works till 6pm or even later but why do teachers feel so exhausted.

There is an important reason for it. We deal with kids. Little human beings with emotions and unpredictable behaviours. They drains a lot of energy from us, teachers.

Some may wonder, if you complain so much why do you still do it?

Sometimes I ask myself the same question.

Especially on days,

when I am dead tired from dealing with difficult students and overwhelming workload. When I feel like I never make any progress with my students.

When I see my family looking at me with disappointment because I have to complete this stack of marking and I could not spend time with them.

When I see msgs from my friends asking me to meet them after work but I just do not have the energy to meet them, thus I have to refuse their offer.

So why do I still do it? Seven years have flown by and I did not even realise it. And I can safely say that I would not leave teaching profession for many more years to come.

It is for my kids.(my students for those who don’t understand)

To side-track a bit, for a teacher her students are always her kids. I was studying a few years back. During the first class, we have to introduce ourselves and share with the class why we decided to do the course. During this explanation, I was talking about my students and I kept referring to them as my kids. After my sharing, my tutor asked me how many kids do I have. And I replied 25. The look on her face was priceless. At that moment, I realised, I forgot to mention that I am a teacher. Once she heard my profession, I could see the clarity on her face. I do not know why but for some reason, our students become our kids. From the responsible ones to the naughty ones who would make us feel like quitting on many occasions. Every one of them become our kids.

Now back to the question, why do we still do it?

We do it for our kids.

For the kid, who comes from a broken family.

For the kid who comes from a family where life is difficult.

For the kid who cannot excel in English, Mathematics and science but can play guitar like professional.

For the kid who needs a listening ear for all the times he wants to share every small thing he saw and did.

For the kid who just needs a little push to become the confident speaker that he is.

For these and many more kids.

When we see a student who has been struggling to speak in front of his classmates, perform in a skit on stage, we feel the tears in our eyes.

When we see our students excelling well in their students, we feel so much of happiness in our hearts that we feel it may burst with happiness.

When we see our students start loving something that we have taught with a lot of passion.

When we see our students come back to visit us after years they have graduated.

We still do it for our kids. Even if we can make a difference in one life, that is a good enough reason to be a teacher.

Teaching comes from the heart. If it comes from the mind only, that person would not last in teaching profession.

This is a random rambling of a teacher.


Is it now?

Is it now?

I always want to get a pet dog. When i was young my mother did not give me permission. Now that I am in my 30s, I am once again thinking seriously about getting a pet. The only two things that are stopping is whether I can be a good pet owner as I work quite alot. And secondly, I have asthma and I am worried that dogs may trigger it. should I or should i not?