Random posting

Random posting

I do seem to do alot of random postings. The simple reason for it is because I have a hard time coming up with a suitable and catchy name for the post.

Today I turnt 33. When I turnt 30 3 years back, I was very upset. I was upset not because I was turning the big 30 but rather because my mother was upset. And why was my mother upset? simple. I am getting older but I am nowhere near getting married any time soon. In my society a female in her 30s and single actually means the female is actually in her 50s or 60s. At least that is how my society views unmarried women in their 30s. and I joined that club 3 years back. I would have to say that every birthday after that only got worse. I did not even want to acknowledge that it was my birthday until today. suprisingly I am not upset about my age this year. Does it mean, I am maturing in my thinking? Maybe. At the end of the day, I have people who care about me. I may not be their first priority as obviously their family would be the priority. But I know I can still depend on them when I need them. and most importantly I have two things in my life that I am very grateful for. Firstly and very importantly my mother. The only living being who breathes and lives for me. and secondly but not as importantly but more importantly then others my profession. Maybe life isn’t that bad after all. I don’t know whether I would feel the same way for my next birthday but for this year, life is good. 😊

Some things that are just special to a teacher.

Some things that are just special to a teacher.

I have seen many of these memes about teachers. And many of them make me laugh out loud. They are quite funny and quite accurate. There are just some things, that we teachers do that makes the whole world know we are in the teaching profession.

  1. The most and disliked habit is correcting other people, especially their grammar if we teach a language. Who is guilty of this behaviour? (hands up: me). I do not know why, I cannot stand it if I see a mistake in spelling, grammar or sentence structure. It does not need to be a school environment. There have been many times, I have written to organisations saying the translation from English language to Tamil language has mistakes. Apart from correcting the public’s mistakes, we also tend to correct our family and friends. And I personally know it gets onto their nerve. But we really try to stop doing that. we do. But it is so deep set that it is very hard to control ourselves. Even during instances, when we stop ourselves from correcting others, we would be having this uncomfortable feeling the whole day. I am not going to say whether it is right or wrong but it is one of the most obvious and upsetting trait of a teacher.
  2. Once I saw this meme where it was written that, if you see someone pushing in all the chairs in a public place, he or she is most likely a teacher. I was thinking “are you sure?”(with the eyebrow high up-you have to imagine the whole expression. :-P) But it is true. I realised after a while, I push in my chair and those around me without fail. There have been instances when my friends did not push in their chairs and I have called them back to push in their chair. Do you guys do that too?
  3. I have this another bad habit but I have never acted on it. When we go out, and we see children misbehaving and making too much noise, I have this strong urge to go and tell them to behave. But I have to stop myself, because their parents or guardians would be near by. Sometimes, my teacher look works on the children but other times, they are just oblivious to their environment. Sometimes, I need to walk away from that place or listen to music really loudly to distract myself. Am I the only one who faces this dilemma?
  4. Laminating: I have seen way too many memes about teachers love to laminate things. Hey we do it because we want our resources to last and also it is therapeutic. Haha. It really is. I know many colleagues who own a laminating machine. Some even go the extra mile and buy the A3 sized laminating machine. Well, we just love laminating.
  5. And lastly, do you know how many bags a teacher carries home and back? One for her personal things, one for her markings and one laptop bag. You can see her carrying at least 3 bags at one go. When I say her, I am talking about myself. I myself carry multiple bags. As a result, I have switched to backpack where I dumb all my things. And it looks less unglam when compared to carrying three bags and struggling to manage all 3 from falling or dropping. When I take cab carrying so many bags, the first question from the driver is, “are you a teacher?”. It does not matter where I take the cab from.

There are many things a teacher does that does not make sense to many. But for many of us, these are habits developed after joining the teaching profession. Why do we do these things? I have no idea. But it is interesting to watch. 🙂